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Happy Mother’s Day… Father’s Day and Parent’s Day May 10, 2007

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By F.  Abdullah

In my recent article, I wrote about how everyone was too busy and had no time for each other…  parents no time for their children and children no time for their parents.  The note that accompanied was rebellious and bitter… yet the ending should not end on a sour note… so please do not emulate or follow what was written on the note…

During the ‘Hard Times’… parents did not have time for their children too… and discipline was harsh… yet, the children sensed and knew that their Go to fullsize imageparents strived for the best… to give the comfort that they lack for their children… so that, if and when GOD happens to call for them (parents)… they will not leave their children in want.  Many children of these hardworking parents grew up  to be successful human beings… and prospered in health, wealth and well being.  The nation grew through dedication and hardwork… and the parents and teachers then, did not spare the rod…  so… dear children, do not be over-pampered.  Have a heart… check whether you possessed one.  The Koreans believed in filial piety and love, and obedience to their parents and elders.  Almost all religion advocates loyalty, obedience and love to parents…

Go to fullsize imageCome on lah… you were too small to know or notice that your mum spent endless sleepless nights awake… nursing you when you were down with fever or cold.  Some even learned to catch naps or sleep for a few seconds standing up while she carries you on her shoulder, or nestle you between her arms.  What about the father… through rain, storm and blistering hot sun… they trudged on and struggled to bring in the ‘dow/dough’… food for the table, and provisions for the family and money to meet the expenses.  What do you all know or care?  But I think that some of you do care and love your parents… then it is high time to show it, while they are still around. 

I would like to share with you some religious stories that I have read… now, now… do not go away… at least read a few more lines…  Once a man was asked why he bathed and cared for two pigs everyday… since it was ‘Haram’ and prohibited to touch, eat or have anything to do with those creatures in Islam.  He revealed that the pigs were actually his parents who were transformed into pigs… yet, out of his love and duty towards his parents: he persisted in his duty and was ready to meet the consequences!!!

In another story, the prophet asked who will be in heaven with him… the person was… actually an ordinary butcher who sells meat in the marketplace.  The butcher was an ordinary soul who goes around doing the normal things that a butcher does and being a normal human being… so… what is so special about him that he will gain a place in heaven to be alongside the prophet…??  Aha… the secret is that he will rush home everyday from work to care for his parents.  Heaven awaits those who love and care for their parents…

And in ISLAM… the place and status of the mother for the son is three times over the father…  SYURGA ITU DI BAWAH TELAPAK KAKI IBU.  ” Heaven is beneath the mother’s feet”  metaphorically… so you all… go ahead… Love thy parents… I love mine.



1. Faith - May 11, 2007

I am a true believer in the things you expressed. I also publish poetry and have a link on my AOL homepage. Really love your fluent way of writing. It is beautiful. I have also believed that you should honor your mother and father, do what they say because it is right, it is not for me to be resentful all my days! Coming from a single parent family and having a trouble when my m om remarried I know that Love is the only answer and the greatest thing you can share. Thanks for sharing and I am glad I saw your post on Buddy2Buddy. please I hope that I can read more or we maybe friend! God bless – Faith

2. F Abdullah - May 11, 2007

Dearest Faith,

I guess you must be residing in the USA as Buddy2Buddy is U.S. based. I am writing from Malaysia and am proud to be a Malaysian.

Thank you ‘Faith’ for having faith in my writings and faith in GOD. You have a beautiful name…..

In this world of turbulence, violence and unexpected happenings…it is really wonderful to have beautiful people who are positive in their thoughts and spirits…..Good luck with your writings…and talents are GOD given gift to be utilized and shared for the good of others…to bring happiness and create peace and harmony on earth (Amin)

3. F Abdullah - May 11, 2007

My Dear Faith…

Do encourage your friends from all over the world and from the USA to read the blog on this website and give feedbacks and comments…and they may share their viewpoints and stories, experiences and best practices too……you are most welcome to contribute to this website

If you will give, you shall receive
So, share your heart in all you do
and good will come right back to you….

4. Hazidi - May 28, 2007

OK, I get your point but why so short onelah the article.

5. sinchan - May 28, 2007

Dear Hazidi,
If u think this article is to short, why don’t u urself distribute something for us to share ur idea

6. F Abdullah - June 1, 2007

Thanks En Hazidi for your comment

..just that I do not want to cramp the space, very limited space and articles are censored first….

Just saw your comment. Have your read my other articles in the archive.? ..The articles are very diluted versions of what I really feel and as to my style and use of words…hmmmm(??!!)….you know…about the SEMANTIC impact and all that stuff….you were my mentor and lecturer for the SEMANTIC ..course during my university days….I still remember you ‘sifu’…

So…how’s life at Open University..is it any fun being a lecturer there?Ooops…I hope I am addressing the correct Hazidi…

Yeah….why don’t you send articles to this column….I bet they will be sizzling and POWERFUL….

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