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Who are we really?….. Siapakah kita sebenarnya? March 8, 2007

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Look at us…look at our youths…. We are good at ‘aping’ others…a bunch of copycats and imitators. I am reminded of a game called ‘follow the leader’, what the leader does, everyone follows in blind faith. In this instance, the leaders are usually from the Western world, from Europe and America. This is the age of the ‘neo colonialism’, where most parts of the world will lose their own identity, and converge into ‘sameness’…in this case, with very strong American influence. Some quarters in India, and many parts of the world are aware of this new world order…even some of us realise this…..

(http://www.wsu.edu/~amerstu/pop/cultimp.html, http://rajivmalhotra.sulekha.com/blog/post/2002/07/the-axis-of-neocolonialism.htm,http://question-everything.mahost.org/Socio-Politics/American_Empire.html) 6 March 2007

 We ‘rock’ like they do…and hope to be better at ‘rocking’ than them. When I address ‘we’, the collectiveness signifies the majority of the visible ‘youth’ population. Our youth ‘rap’ and do many things ‘underground’ and spend so much time there that we start to wonder if they have transformed into ‘moles’. But worst still some have converted themselves into ‘children of the devil’, spawned into punks and followers of cults such as ‘Black Metal’. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk_rock, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk_ideology, http://www.freemuse.org/sw12095.asp, http://rocknerd.org/articles/06/01/30/1756215.shtml?tid=19http://community.livejournal.com/malaysians/547570.html)  6 March 2007  They have the ‘American Idols, so we have our ‘Malaysian Idols’. Whatever they do, we ‘adopt’ and ‘adapt’lah. Waah….so teruk one! This is really very pathetic. At least the Indians and Koreans are starting to make a U- turn, from being ‘the mimic man’ to the ex-colonisers and foreign culture, they are exporting their culture. It is now the Western world that is in love or at least fascinated and being influenced by things ‘Bollywood’ and Korean products such as ‘Korean Drama Series’. The West would love to dance the Hindi dance or even the exotic ‘belly dance’ from the Middle East. Even Shakira could be seen gyrating her belly with Middle Eastern charm at prestigious award ceremonies and performances (maybe she is proud of her Middle Eastern origin). (http://www.kreees.com/idol/index.asp, http://www.musicmall-asia.com/malaysia/syncretic/dangdut.html,http://www.freewebs.com/onez_1/listdangdut.htm, http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/newamericans/culturalriches/music_indian.html,http://www.hackwriters.com/koreanculture.htm) 6 March 2007   

And here we are, so rapt and in love with other peoples brand of culture…we ‘dangdut’ all night, and ‘rap’ and ‘boogey’ and what-nots…sometimes like apes out of the remote jungles( some of their dance- people from outside Malaysia, are nice but do not be obsessed by them to the point that we lose our own identity). Not many are interested in our culture, songs, dance or anything about ourselves….Why??Why??? Come on man…why are we fascinated and tergila-gila by the Mad/Mat Salleh dance, songs with negative lyrics, gyrating at the dangdut…while our own music is not so popular there– you know where….( I am not trying to instil hatred…just saying that we love too much of the ‘other’) It is because we are not keen enough to ‘package’ ourselves and promote our unique culture. This is not to say that we should be a bunch of capitalist and join the band wagon of ‘Consumerism’. It’s just that, we should be aware of our own ‘beauty’ and ‘strength’, our own personality.

 We are happy to be ‘followers’ not the trend setters….not being ‘true’ to ourselves. Our ways and culture are beautiful, full of Eastern value, refine qualities, softness and delicateness….yet we are ‘blinded’ by our fascination of things across the ‘straights’, oceans and continents…So guys and gals…how long do you want to be ‘monyets’…and just good at ‘aping’. Part of my aspiration is to see ‘Malaysian’ fabrics, couture, and cuisine, songs, dance, and narrative, culture and products to be embraced and loved by others out there, apart from us Malaysians. Be proud of who ‘we’ are, our heritage. We are beautiful and strong, we should learn to be aware and appreciate ourselves.(http://www.islamonline.net/English/ArtCulture/Heritage/2006/11/01.shtml



1. amantoya - March 8, 2007

hee….f suka sgt cerita beruk ni ekkkk

2. F Abdullah - March 8, 2007

Dear amantoya…yang loya,

you almost used the ‘f’ word…and I do not know what the ‘f; stands for…

‘Biar kita miskin HARTA, jangan miskin BUDI BAHASA’….See what the HABITS and mannerisms of the ‘western world’ have done to you…without you knowing it..it has infiltrated into your psyche….To the western world…being frank and outright and saying the ‘f’ word all over the place is normal…but our eastern values taught us to respect others…even if we do not agree and do not see ‘eye to eye’ about certain issues…our easter n ways are refined and full of dignity…..

I just used the word ‘monyet’…there are many other words that I could use…I just wanted to ‘jolt’ people into reading the article…it is just a ‘word’ used to attract attention…Really, there are people out that worst of than ‘….” and ‘….’ , may God help them…

so..please baca what I said…you are entitled to your own opinion….Thank you for your kind response

3. F Abdullah - March 8, 2007

Dear amantoya..

if the ‘f’ you mean is to address my name…then I apologize for misunderstanding you…and I have explained why I used a lot of ‘monyets’ and ‘beruk’ references…saja nak tarik perhatian dan buka mata orang yang membaca…(linguistic statregy)

4. F Abdullah - March 8, 2007

rectification of spelling error: (linguistic strategy)

5. kuda padi - May 19, 2007

Saya sendiri tak tau nak pilih siapa juara AF5 kerana saya takde masa nak mengikuti rancangan tersebut.

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